Leadership On The Block

A Rolling Stone review of Stevie Wonder's album, Songs in The Keys of Life, from December 1976 goes on and on about the freshness of the music and the new discoveries that lay in wait around every musical note. It also says that this is also one of the record's annoyances — it has no focus or coherence. Today, this work of art is considered a classic and its influence among generations of musicians is obvious. 

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Rich Rivera
On The Block

As I wrote On The Block,  I loaned a lot for the training I received in the presence of men in which the Holy Ghost placed me amongst Dr. Bill Krispin and Dr. Eric Mason. These two great men of God encouraged me to learn, study, be sharp and write books and develop resources to aid in the advancement of the Gospel to the city.

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Doug Logan
A Woman's Calling to the City

“I hope you understand that I don’t plan to live with much; I plan to settle in a broken city in need of the Gospel. That’s what I feel called to do and I will not compromise what God is calling me to.”

These were the words my husband said to me in the beginning of our courtship, making clear to me his heart for inner city ministry. Strongly desiring to be with him, I assured him I would willingly follow him anywhere regardless of what I would have to live without. 

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Natalie Robinson