On The Block

As I wrote On The Block,  I loaned a lot from the training I received in the presence of men in which the Holy Ghost placed me amongst Dr. Bill Krispin and Dr. Eric Mason. These two great men of God encouraged me to learn, study, write books and develop resources to aid in the advancement of the Gospel to the city.

I grew up in a church in Paterson, NJ where my Pastor Rev. Roberson in his thirty plus years of ministry lead many people to meet Jesus as Savior.  My mother being one of them (God rest her soul).  During his years of ministry he trained, ordained and commissioned a large number of leaders, and most people have never heard of him.  He didn't have a blog or website and nor did he have a podcast or write a book.  He contributed to the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my hometown, and there is a street named after him today. 

There are a lot of people that don’t have a book or a ministry resource available that are serving faithfully and fruitfully in the inner cities of America. I learn so much from so many of them. I am inspired and encouraged by them. 

On The Block is a resource and a tool that I sought to contribute to the conversation about urban ministry. It is also a hope of mine to not only contribute to the conversation on urban ministry but also to inspire some godly, ethnic minority leaders in to write and develop resources that will aid in the advancing of the gospel.  I am a kid that was raised, ruined, and resurrected in New Jersey.  I was technically an underground pastor serving in inner-city Philadelphia (North Philly and Kensington) and now in Camden NJ.  By God’s grace, I get the opportunity to contribute a tool to the Body of Christ that will aid in the advancement of the Gospel. 

I long to see my Spanish friends like Pastors Rich Rivera and Rich Perez in NYC write books and develop training tools.  I can’t wait to read books in the future from my sons in the ministry like Pastors Charlie Mitchell and Ernest Grant. I would love to read a book by Dr. Sarita Lyons, a person who is ridiculously brilliant leader.  I think the urban context has a lot to offer the body of Christ.  On The Block is my contribution, and I pray you get I, read it, and utilize it in ways that see myriads of new converts receive Jesus as Lord and King. And I hope that it is only one resource in a long line of future resources from ethnic minorities from the inner-city.   


Doug Logan