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Do you know how to be a missionary?

Author Doug Logan pastors in Camden, NJ, one of the country’s most dangerous cities. His neighbors include drug dealers, gang members, the working class, and the unemployed—all image bearers, all beloved in God’s sight, and all in need of Jesus. And in their midst is Doug, learning their needs, making himself available, and finding more opportunities to proclaim Jesus than he knows what to do with.

In On the Block, Doug encourages us to do the same, whether our “block” is in a city, suburb, or rural community. Using Scripture and personal stories, he unfolds a concept he calls “incarnational instrumentality,” exploring the nature of missions according to the Bible. He covers topics like: 

  • God’s heart for missions
  • Barriers to living missionally (especially in the urban context)
  • Biblical reasons for urgency
  • The essential nature of gospel engagement 
  • Key strategies for the harvest

If you are a pastor trying to strengthen the missional DNA of your church, or a Christian looking to develop your own missional engagement, then On the Block is for you. It will train readers in becoming more effective and confident evangelists, wherever God has them.


What others are saying about On The Block:

This book isn’t theoritical. It’s not filled with simply good ideas and insight. It’s a clear and compelling call to consider what it means to be the people of God in the midst of a severly broken and battered world. Doug Logan is a practitioner and a theologian a helpful guide
— Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor, The Village Church
Everyone inside and outside of the urban context will benefit holistically from the biblical grid and wealth of practical knowledge in this book. This is a go to resource for those who are seeking a rich introduction to urban ministry. Read this work and see the front lines in a fresh and refreshing way that will help you to be and mobilize others for effective front line gospel ministry.
— Eric Mason, Founder and lead pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia
In the tradition of Jesus and Paul, Pastor Doug Logan falls in the category of, “Don’t know how to label him”. He can be found one day in a robe preaching at a Presbyterian church, and the next out “On The Block,” in Camden conversing with the homies. He incarnates a robust orthodoxy with a well worn orthopraxy, all of which bleeds through the pages of this book. I hope this is one of just many more offerings to come from his hand.
— Bryan Loritts, Lead Pastor, Abundant Life; Author, Saving the Saved.
On The Block is theology meets missiology meets practicality. It is Jesus on the streets from a street smart and real life guy who, while he could give you a missiological treatise on the gospel, instead shows you through precept AND everyday living what it looks like to live on mission for Jesus individually and as a church.
— Tommy Kiedis, Senior Pastor Spanish River Church, Boca Raton, FL
On the Block is a challenging call to join God in responding to the needs of our communities. Doug Logan shares not only a strong Biblical reason, but many heartwarming as well as heartbreaking stories of ministering in a difficult city. This is a book that not only every church planter should read, but anyone serving to bring the Gospel to a lost world.
— Ron Tobias, Director of Church planting ministry
On The Block is a call to a ministry of action not just words. Doug Logan contextualizes in a very meaningful and pragmatic presentation how to carry out Urban Ministry through gospel eyes.
— Victor D. Figueroa, Executive Director of the Housing Authority of the City of Camden